What does it mean to be “Kunoichi” (Part 2)

In About Kunoichi on December 27, 2005 at 4:09 pm

I call myself "kunoichi" because it best embodies what I do and who I am. But I consider identity as a process of evolution. I will never be complete, and so I continue to learn.

It might be suggested that modern espionage evolved from traditional ninjutsu practices. Contrary to popular belief, ninja were employed to infiltrate the enemy, to discover their secrets and not merely to assasinate. For many reasons in my own life, I have felt it nescesary (and often desirable) to employ my own means of espionage and counter espionage too.

These days, keeping personal information a secret is much harder than it seems. Most people don't realise how their details are used and distributed, and how the average person can find out just about anything they might want to know about you just by looking in the right places.

When I left my abusive ex, I knew he would try to find me. And I had to make sure that he didn't, especially for the sake of my baby son. My ex had threatened all sorts, to kill me, to kidnap our baby, to hurt my family if they didn't tell him where I was… The list goes on. I was beaten up by his family when I tried to collect my belongings from our old home; my mum was repeatedly followed and threatened. Even my friends weren't safe. In the end, we had to live in a safe house monitored by the Police. And even there, I didn't feel safe.

From then, until now, I had to ensure that my details were kept out of any and all registers which could detail my whereabouts. And in doing so, I soon discovered the means to keeping track of where he was, what he was doing, and who with. It was (and to a degree, still is) a nescessary precaution. As you will undoubtedly discover from what I shal write of later, my situation is far different (and much safer) now, but I keep track for my own sanity. I ensure that I am prepared.

My role as an urban kunoichi is a mostly passive one. I am the one my friends and family call upon when they need to find information, for that's probably the thing I am best at: problem solving, sourcing knowledge. My life blood as a modern kunoichi. I try to ensure I am knowledgable in all things which have significance for myself and my family. I know how to protect them, and if I need to find a recipe for that special anniversary dinner with my husband-I look it up!

And yet, I still manage to keep this role under a self imposed veil of secrecy. Most people would be threatened if they knew what I could do or what I know.

But there's power in that, and I like it…

  1. I also listed the meaning of Kunoichi at http://bladeak.blogspot.com/

    Let you share your views. Cheers!

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