Mind Control (or, how to tell when someone is lying)

In Mind Games on January 4, 2006 at 12:58 pm

I consider Derren Brown’s skills to be fantastic. Eager to learn some of the secrets of his trade, I eagerly looked at his website and found links to some of his fan sites which featured some great links regarding his psycology techniques, especially this one

One of the things I learned from this site is how to tell how a person is thinking, or more specifically, how to tell when they are lying using “eye accessing clues”.

When you are conversing with your subject, watch where they move their eyes when asked specific questions, and compare the movement to this chart:


Of course, this is just a guideline since every person reacts differently in a given situation. Also, these eye movements cannot tell you exactly what a person is thinking, just how they are thinking. This link gives a more detailed analysis of the technique.

Simple, but useful.


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