Free ringtones, logos and software

In GSM on January 7, 2006 at 10:26 am

These days, advertisements for mobile software is everywhere you look: magazines, tv, radio, the web… These companies make a small fortune out of convincing the general public to pay for services which they could just as easily get for free


For those of you who don’t know how to get free tones, logos, wallpaper and software for your mobile phones, here is an article for you!

This is what you will need:

  1. Your mobile phone.
  2. A PC with internet access.
  3. Appropriate software for your handset. Most mobile phones come packaged with a software CD. If yours didn’t, then check out the manufacturers’ website, where you can usually download this for free. Alternatively, you could use Logomanager or Oxygen Phone Manager.
  4. A means of connecting our handset to your PC (data cable, bluetooth, infra-red). If you don’t already have any of these accessories, then data cables are probably the cheapest option. You can pick these up on Ebay for only a few pounds. Also, these can be used to unlock your handset to other networks.

Once you have all this together, it’s time to get some free software! The best way to find this is to do a Google search for “free gsm software downloads” or something like that (this is one of the best websites I’ve found). Alternatively visit GSM Topsitez for quick links. Get what you want and save it to your PC.

With most software, you can drag and drop files into folders on your handset. Just remember to put things in the correct folders! Games may not work if they are dropped into the ringtones folder…

And there you go: it’s as simple as that. Better still, it’s completely free!


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