The “Nokia Virus”, past and present.

In GSM, Security on May 3, 2006 at 10:41 am

Some time ago, I asked my mobile technician friend if he had heard of the Nokia virus that was being spread. “There’s no such thing,” he said. “Viruses don’t affect mobile phones!” I asked him for his phone number, and a few hours later he was banging on my door asking what the hell I’d done to his beloved Nokia 3310

It wasn’t actually a virus, just a little known glitch in the Nokia 33xx series phones which caused the phone to restart (it doesn’t work on modern models!).

Using Logomanager or Smart SMS, send this symbol:  in unicode as an sms to a Nokia 33xx and the phone will hang when trying to retrieve the message. For added fun, you can also use it as the name in a business card, the title of a ringtone or within a picture message. To get rid of it, you must link the handset to a PC and delete the offending text/b’card/ringtone, or put your sim card in a different phone.

These days, of course, the threat of a true virus on your mobile phone is more malicious.

Commwarrior (aka:Cabir.p) is a worm that operates on Symbian Series 60 devices, and is capable of spreading both over Bluetooth and MMS messages. When Commwarrior infects a phone it will start searching other phones that in can reach over Bluetooth and send infected SIS files to the phones it finds. It can also read the infected handset’s address book for phone numbers, and send MMS messages containing the virus to other phones.

The Comwarrior contains following texts:

CommWarrior v1.0 (c) 2005 by e10d0r

The text “OTMOP03KAM HET!” is Russian and means roughly “No to braindeads”. (Source: F-Secure)

Pretty nasty, eh?

Luckily, there is an antivirus available for download from F-Secure which can remove the virus from infected handsets which you can download online and apply via Bluetooth or download directly to your handset with your mobile browser.

I have the feeling that such mobile phone viruses will become a regular trend…

  1. My friend,

    Can you publish the sms virus? Would like to see how it look like and want to do some prank to my friend.

  2. how to make virus in nokia 3120 pls help me _)

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