Elevator/lift hacking

In General, Information on May 8, 2006 at 8:42 pm

Here are a few different tricks you can try the next time you are in an elevator/lift and are in a hurry!

Before I continue, I must stress that The Urban Kunoichi will not be held responsible for any injuries you may do to yourself, or any damage you may do to an elevator/lift in attempting any of these tricks!

elevator.jpgWhen you need to get to your floor quickly, bypassing any requests along the way, hold your floor’s button and press the door close button at the same time. You should sail straight to your floor without stopping!

This trick works on most OTIS models, except for those built in 1992; DOVER models EL546 and ELOD862, and DESERT models (except for ELD5433 and ELF3655). Let me know if you find any other makes this trick works on!

You have probably heard of this trick before. It has been well documented recently by Darknet and thedamnblog among others. So rather than regurgitate old news, let me add a few lesser known elevator/lift hacks for you to try out. I haven’t been able to try all of them myself, so I can’t guarantee they all work. Leave me your comments to say which do and which don’t!

  • In elevators with “static sensitive” buttons (the ones you don’t press but which light up when you touch them), it can be easy to press the wrong floor by accident. If you do this, press all the buttons and the panel should reset (the nusience circuit kicks in and assumes someone is messing about with the controls!)
  • This may not work when there are a few people in the lift (the elevator control assumes there are enough people to get out at each floor). In this situation, if everyone in the lift jumps, the weight monitor temporaily reverts to zero and the panel should reset.
  • The above trick may also work in OTIS elevators which have regular button panels.
  • Press the button for your floor and hold it until you reach the floor you need to get there in express time. This may also work for service/closed floors which are usually inaccessible to the public!
  • In FUJITEC elevators, if a floor is selected which you don’t want to stop at, try tapping it 2-3 times and it should de-select.
  • In lifts with manual doors, you can often get the lift to wait for you by pressing the emergency button just as you reach your floor. The doors should open and the lift cannot be called until you go back in and press a button inside. Useful for when you need to nip back to a floor for a moment!
  • Many hospital lifts have a button hidden on the floor right at the rear of the elevator which is intended for use when transporting patients or beds. If you press this button and the door close button, you should be able to go straight to your floor.

Using the methods above, some elevators may still stop at floors but the doors won’t open. I have heard that KONE elevators have a system which dials in to report elevator usage, so (as with all these hacks) be warned against abusing these tricks, especially in hospitals and such where others’ need of the elevator may be greater than your own.

Have fun!

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