Intercepting SMS/Text messages

In GSM, Privacy on May 12, 2006 at 8:37 pm

I recently came across a company which claims to be able to provide a service to intercept text mesages from a specified number and pass on the details to a subscriber’s handset:

We can now install, remotely anywhere in the world onto their mobile phone (providing it is a compatible model) a program which when they receive or send a text, you will at the same time receive the exact same text with the number it is being sent to and received from… This feature is an extremely powerful and covert application that is 100% trace resistant.

In the light of recent data-mining controversies and security issues, I find this both worrying and intriguing. After searching elsewhere for verification, I have found that it is possible to do so on a CDMA mobile phone (this involves reprogramming the phone to the number you want to divert to), though in practise this would be highly illegal to do to another person’s phone without their permission. However, the company do have a disclaimer on their site which states that the use of such facilities is illegal in the EEC and warns against customer use in this region.

There is little information on the company’s website of the costs and implementation of this service, though I have requested more information and will post it on my blog as soon as I receive it. Until then, I won’t post details of this website (though it is relatively easy to find through Google).

There has been much controversy recently of government reforms in the U.S. and Australia which legalises the interception of phone calls, SMS and email in the interests of national security. Generally speaking, this data-mining is done through telecom providers who supply the required call detail records, or CDR’s (database entries that record the parties to the conversation, the duration of the call and so on), or intercept calls and SMS on the behalf of the police. However, this article demonstrates how this privilege may be abused.

Interestingly, I have found various sites which offer the sale of devices which offer passive monitoring systems for the encrypted GSM networks and allow interception within a “readable” area rather than to a specific phone.

Of course, this “James Bond” gadget is hugely expensive and inaccessible to your average citizen. But it’s interesting to know what could be out there, monitoring our interactions!

  1. […] Recently there have been a number of “Stealth” or “Spy” mobile phones coming on to the market which can (allegedly) be used to intercept calls and SMS. Readers of my blog may recall my recent post, Intercepting SMS/Text Messages in which I discussed a few of the possibilities for such use. After a bit more research into the subject, I can now detail more information on these “Stealth phones” and their uses. […]

  2. How can I get the device or soft?

  3. i broke my sim card this weekend that is what started me looking i have 2 phones so i am looking for a device that will NOT awnser both phones but monitor i can call back from any phone but i am bad about laying phone down and walking off and leaveing it i wont sumpthing that i can carry in my truck that will tell me if i am getting a call from the phone i forget or a tex message that would be sent to me or mabby sumpthing that will forward a tex to me tex for shure
    can you help me and tell me what i need to buy
    thanks ed

  4. this is a very frightening piece of equipment. im not much of a technophile or have any interest in hacking, but i made it to this website while doing some research on a article i read on yahoo http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070305/bs_nm/walmart_technician_dc;_ylt=AlMjy8l4NE2VhJw5mnCbqx0DW7oF

    specifically the quote “The Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer also said the technician, who worked in its information systems division, intercepted and stored text messages that contained certain key words, including those sent by people in the Bentonville area who were not Wal-Mart employees.”

    So in this article it is claiming a Walmart information security officer was somehow intecepting employee (and private) text messages? Why would WalMart have this kind of equipment located in some of there stores? Which poses a question, would it be legal for a private corporation to legally moniter private phone calls on your own private cellphone IF you were on company property utilizing company time? Isnt that some kind of violation of your rights? thats freaking corporate slavery

  5. Do they have any software for Motorola Razr phones?

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  7. I use a company mobile phone (Palm TREO 650) every day. Can my employer intercept text messages and read them, much as I assume they can (and do) do with email messages?

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  9. how do i intersept a text that was sent by the cricket web and they put the wrong number

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  11. I have been having my texts intercepted, i also have had texts sent to me using numbers of people that i talk to maing it seem as though they have sent the text. I wish i knew how it was being done.

  12. what’s the site that you dont mention?

  13. what’s the site

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  15. show me how its done

  16. I want to find a site that will trace sms and phone log from cellphone to website.

  17. I need to know how to link my 2 cell phones so they recieve the same messages, can this be done? They are my phones, im not trying to do anything illegal if they are mine right?

  18. I wish to have incoming and outgoing text messages from one mobile phone (Nokia 5500) routed to appear on another phone as well. Is this possible, and how can I achieve this?

  19. i want to read my fiance’s text messages (from his other girlfriend!), but don’t know a thing about hacking/spyware etc…how or where can i find someone to help me do this?

  20. i want to read my boyfriends text messages, because i have a feeling he is text messaging another lady. He does not leave his phone lying around, he deletes all his log and messages as soon as he reads it.

  21. i wanna read my wifes text and sms messages but im in iraqis there a way i can read them on my computer .. please help me out asap

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  23. has anyone gotten answers to any of their questions?

  24. If you have plz let me know I’m very curious about texts myself….

  25. how to do it?i want to intecept my girlfreind tex message ‘?

  26. All you had to do is copy and paste the quoted statement by the company in the purple box in this posting and put it into google search. Here’s the link to where this person is talking about. Later!

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