Nokia “stealth” phones revealed

In GSM, Information on May 20, 2006 at 8:45 pm

Recently there have been a number of “Stealth” or “Spy” mobile phones coming on to the market which can (allegedly) be used to intercept calls and SMS. Readers of my blog may recall my recent post, Intercepting SMS/Text Messages in which I discussed a few of the possibilities for such use. After a bit more research into the subject, I can now detail more information on these “Stealth phones” and their uses.

For the most part, “Stealth Phones” (”alternatively “Spy” or “Interceptor” phones as they are sometimes called) are marketed at people wishing to “spy” on another (cheating spouse, employees, children, etc). Check out this phone on Ebay or The Spy Shop for examples. These handsets allow a third party to:

  • Discreetly dial in to an existing call and “listen in” on the conversation
  • Recieve duplicates of SMS and MMS sent to the handset.
  • Discreetly dial in to listen to what is happening around the handset.
  • Discover the exact location of the handset.

Effectively, such “stealth phones” are used in principle like a Trojan Horse; that is, the user of such a handset is usually unaware of the invasion of their privacy and the danger it may bring. Indeed, most sellers of these handsets claim it is impossible for the user of these handsets to discover its true use. In order to comply with local laws, most outlets feature a disclaimer explaining that the use of surveillance devices is illegal in many countries. Unfortunately, I doubt that many Stealth Phone owners have taken heed of this advice!

Stealth phone outlets are charging huge prices for such devices! This outlet, for example, charges $3095 (approximately £1,600) for an enabled device. Perhaps what most consumers do not realise is that they can purchase the software and install it themselves for a fraction of this price!

Stealth Phones must be devices based on Series 60 v2.0 and later, examples of which are Nokia 7610, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6680 among others. Here are a few programs available for download which could enable you to create your own “Stealth Phone”, but please be aware that the use of covert surveillance devices is illegal in many countires!

  • SoundMonitor 1.0.2 (Shareware, free to try, £10.16 to purchase): This program uses the phone´s microphone to monitor sounds. An alarm may br triggered by SMS, MMS or phone call, for example, to trigger the recording monitor.
  • FlexiSpy (Cost: $49.95, approx £27.00): Can be used to secretly reveal SMS, monitor call history and more.
  • iCamCu (cost £39.48): Enables you to remotely access your handset to take a camera shot of whatever is happening in the room and send it to another handset by MMS.

NeoCall also features a range of covert programs for mobile phones which are priced according to handset and usage specifications.

Many companies now offer GSM Localisation services, commonly known as Mobile Phone Tracking, which enables users to locate an enabled handset to within a few yards and see this mapped online. There is usually a pay-as-you-go charge scheme for such services. Despite the claims of Stealth Phone outlets, the user of a tracked handset will almost always discover this feature, as it is a legal requirement that regular notifications are sent to the handset by SMS.

As you can see, the actual cost of creating your own “stealth phone” is a fraction of the cost retailers are requesting! Even if purchasing a brand new handset on which to upload such programs (which would also feature a manufacturer’s guarantee, unlike those sold by most Stealth Phone outlets!), the total cost will be only about a third.

But before you go planting such a Trojan Horse in your partner/child’s/employee’s posession, ask yourself this question: How would you feel to discover your own calls and SMS were being monitored?

You have been warned…

  1. i need to get my hands on this.
    can someone tell me how?

  2. Stealth Phones have most of those options.


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