A note on the Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses

In Hacking on June 1, 2006 at 12:44 pm

After Black.Solaris’ comments on my previous post, I thought it best to explain a little about downloading the Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses.

In order to download the Giant Black Book, you will need to decrypt it using a code which is received by email. As stated on the download page, American Eagle Publications do not sell your email address, and will only retain it if you request their newsletter.

I understand Black Solaris’ concerns that this could be a scam, but believe me, this is a safety precaution!

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Giant Black Book details early computer viruses and includes the source code for several. The decrypted file includes a PDF of the book and also a folder which contains these computer viruses for experimental use. This folder is seperately encrypted (the password is a few pages from the end of the PDF book) in order to maintain computer security against accidental infection.

Many anti-virus programs will flag the file as containing malicious code and prevent decryption. Indeed, the file does contain malicious code, but it is encrypted and is seperated from the main file. It is there for you to use as you wish and will not self-decrypt, infecting your computer (unless of course, you do this on purpose to check the effectiveness of your anti-virus programs!).

I have checked the download thoroughly myself, and can find no malware other than the encrypted virus folder I have mentioned. It’s perfectly safe to download and decrypt the file, so long as you don’t decrypt the virus folder without understanding what is within it. The downloaded book and programs are designed to aid your understanding of how viruses work and how to program them, in order to aid your understanding of computer security and test our own systems.

Of course, if you are concerned about dealing with malware or about the effectiveness of yor computer’s security, you may not wish to download the file.

If you would like to know more about American Eagle Publications (the publisher of the Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses and many other “hacker” texts, then check out their home page here. You can also read more about Mark Ludwig and Carolyn Meinel, the two authors most associated with American Eagle who are old school, white hat hackers. Their texts are great references for the newbie hacker, and anyone wishing to read up a little on computer security.

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