Send “Masked” SMS!

In GSM on June 27, 2006 at 12:48 pm

Masked SMS can appear to come from any sender, in alphanumerical form (e.g: 666, 555555555, 1234567890, “Kunoichi” or “kun01c4i”), and can be quite useful for pranks, or if you want replies to be sent to your own phone.

The SMS Zone have produced a great service which you can use to send masked or anonymous SMS from a mobile handset. You do (unfortunately!) need to register for this service, and texts are charged at your standard rate.

Another method is to use an older version of Smart SMS, ideally version 1.1 (the more recent versions do not have this feature) and send texts from your desktop. This link will take you to a download site for Smart SMS version 1.1 which is a shareware program; if you begrudge paying for the unrestricted version, search for “SmartSms 1.1″ on Altavista and see what comes up…

You will need a dial-up connection, but this nifty little program can also be used to send blinking SMS and false SMS (where the phone bleeps as though it has received a message, but no message appears on the screen). Texts cost approximately 0.06 euros, so it is quite cheap to use, and your details will not be stored.

If anyone else knows of free or non-register masked SMS services, please let me know!


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