Keyloggers: install, detect and remove

In Hacking, Privacy on October 5, 2006 at 1:08 pm

A keylogger is a computer program or hardware device that has the ability to record your keystrokes. It can record anything that you type, including your passwords, emails, credit card number, personal information, etc. Most keyloggers are invisible, so you won’t know if they are running on your system. In this post, I will briefly describe the two types of keyloggers, point you in the direction of free downloads, and explain how keyloggers can be detected and removed.

Keyloggers can be used for many purposes: to monitor your personal computer in your absence and back up sensitive data in case of a power surge; by system administrators to guard against unwanted PC usage; by suspicious family members of malicious identity thieves.

There are two types of key logger: the hardware key logger and the software key logger.

The Hardware Keylogger

A hardware keylogger is a hardware device that records all keys you press on the keyboard. It must be installed in person, usually by being connected to a USB socket or between the keyboard and computer. No software can detect this kind of keylogger, though they are easily detected by physical examination. If you are anxious about third party interference in this way, it is a good idea to keep checking your cables and connections to ensure nothing has been installed without your consent.

The Software Keylogger

A software keylogger is a program that is able to record your typing. Some can even record the visited websites, both sides of chat conversation (AIM, MSN Messenger, mIRC, etc.), and record an actual snapshot of the desktop. If you can see it, the keylogger (or surveillance program) can record it!

Anyone with adequate computer knowledge can install a keylogger on your computer without your knowing that your activity is being watched from that day on. A good keylogger leaves no trace after it’s installed; you won’t even notice that it’s there! No apparent change is noticeable in system performance. Everything looks normal. And before you know it, your account password has been changed and someone else is making a purchase with your credit card data, or confronted you with evidence of computer activity you had thought to be very well hidden!

Anyone with unsupervised access to your PC can easily install a keylogger in minutes. Even without such easy access, some keyloggers can be installed remotely if you have an active connection to the internet, or even as a Trojan attached to an innocent looking email. Once a keylogger is installed, your activity will be monitored and recorded until the keylogger is completely removed from the system.

Free keylogger downloads

If you want to discover the advantages of using a keylogger yourself, or want to test the effectiveness of your anti-spyware programs, here are a few free downloads:

How to detect and remove keyloggers

Some of the better anti-spyware programs (such as AdAware and Spybot S&D) may detect keyloggers and remove them as part of a regular scan. Unfortunately, some of the stealthier keylogger programs available pass by such scans undetected.

It is always good practise to keep an eye on the programs installed on your computer. Don’t just look at the programs list in the start menu! Actually check the “Program Files” folder, and ensure you have opted to show “hidden files and folders” to ensure you can see everything present there.

You can also run “anti-keylogger” scans which can detect most keylogger programs and delete them. Be sure to use a cleaner like CrapCleaner afterwards to ensure no remnants or logs remain.

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  2. how do l unlock my yahoo email

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