Britons fear cybercrime more than burglary!

In Education, Hacking, Information, Internet, Security on October 24, 2006 at 11:01 pm

A survey released by the UK government has revealed that the British public is now more fearful of cybercrime than burglary and crimes against the person such as muggings.

According to the results of this survey, Internet users fear bank card theft the most (27%), followed by cybercrime and then thirdly burglary (only 16%!). Most worrying, however, is the fact that over a quarter of respondents admitted they didn’t use any form of antivirus software on their PC; almost the same percentage admitted to opening an email attachment from an unknown sender!

A recent series on BBC news highlighted just how vulnerable an unprotected computer can be:

Using a computer acting as a so-called “honeypot” the BBC has been regularly logging how many potential net-borne attacks hit the average Windows PC every day.(BBC News

In just seven hours, the honeypot PC detected:

  • 36 warnings that pop-up via Windows Messenger
  • 11 separate visits by Blaster worm
  • 3 separate attacks by Slammer worm
  • 1 attack aimed at Microsoft IIS Server
  • 2-3 “port scans” seeking weak spots in Windows software

If every hour a burglar turned up at your house and rattled the locks on the doors and windows to see if he could get in, you might consider moving to a safer neighbourhood.

Get Safe Online is a new initiative operated by the UK Government and the Home Office offering free advice on computer security and help for those who believe their security may have been compromised. Even the most basic security precautions are better than nothing at all!


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