Nokia N80 SMS/Slow Menus Fix

In GSM on November 1, 2006 at 10:15 am

Just a quick note for any of you out there experiencing problems with the Nokia N80 handset. Although it is a great phone, many N80 owners find the menus to be slow, and SMS sending to be ridiculously slow! This is actually a software problem (despite these pesky operators who tell you it is a network problem!!), and thankfully Nokia have released a patch which you can download here:

N80 Software Patch

Although it does say the patch is specifically for SMS, most people find that it also fixes the slow menu problems too. The patch hasn’t been widely publicised, probably due to Nokia being unwilling to admit they have released a handset eith defective software. You will need to install it onto your handset via cable or Bluetooth using the PC software usually packaged with your handset (or alternatively you can download this for free from Nokia.com).

  1. Yes, being a N80 user, after installing SMS accelerator it is improved. But still it is not upto the other phone speed. Also some time suddenly the phone is hanging. I think Nokia is not tested the software 100% as previous models. We need new update software to solve all the problems. Hope NOKIA understands the issue and support all N80 users. Thanks

  2. my nokia n80 keeps turning it self off please could you tell me how to fix it and whats wrong with it thanks

  3. yer sam my phone has been rely rely slow and the other day looking at some of my picture of my motorbike and then it just turned off can u tell me what is wrtong and how i can fix it cheers

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