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In Blogging, Information, Internet on February 10, 2007 at 10:31 am

Here are some useful websites and tools I have come across while working on new projects. Perhaps they may be useful for you too!

Copyright free images:

By far, the best site for copyright free photos is Stock.xchng. Here, the hi-res photos are of a great standard and are free to download with few limitations on usage. Photographers can also upload their images to the site and specify any restrictions on usage.

You do need to register to be able to download, but for the sheer volume of images available, it really is worth it!

Also, Free Digital Photos is quite good, though there is a much smaller selection of images available. Registration is not nescessary for downloads.

Free music and samples

Looking for background music and samples? Try Freesound. This site has a vast amount of copyright free music, samples and real sounds which you can use for most projects.

Web design tutorials

W3 is a great site providing tutorials on all aspects of web design. Also features an HTML Markup Validator tool to help ensure your web pages are correctly made and meet design standards.

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