The power of the people’s internet

In General, Information, Internet on February 24, 2007 at 4:19 pm

In November 2006, the UK Government launched the “e-petitions” system, which allows people to create petitions online and submit them to Downing Street without having to deliver them in person.

The e-petition system has proved far more sucessful than anyone could have imagined! More than 1.7 million people signed a petition against the road pricing scheme which is currently being discussed in parliment:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy… The idea of tracking every vehicle at all times is sinister and wrong. Road pricing is already here with the high level of taxation on fuel. The more you travel – the more tax you pay… (Peter Roberts)

Mr. Blair (the UK Prime Minister) has already given his response to the petition on the Government website which anyone can read (see here for the full email). Any serious petition with more than 100 signatures will be entitled to a response; the service is available so that anyone can express their views to the Government in the easiest way possible:

The rule is to accept everything that meets the terms and conditions of use.

No petition will be rejected unless it violates these terms. And even when petitions cannot be hosted No10 will still publish as much of rejected petitions as is consistent with legal and anti-spam requirements, including the reason why it could not be hosted.

Other successful petitions include:

  • The abolishment of speed cameras in the UK (currently 13835 signatures)
  • Replace the National Anthem with “Gold” by Spandau Ballet (currently 4708 signatures)
  • Recognise that music and dance should not be restricted by burdensome licensing regulations. (currently 22645 signatures)

I doubt anyone could forsee how successful and useful this service would become. I wonder what the Prime Minister will be petitioned to consider in the future..?

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