Bye pod? How to get back at iPod thieves

In Information, Security, Technology on February 27, 2007 at 3:06 pm

GadgetTrak have developed a great free service to help track down the thief if your iPod (or other USB storage device) is stolen!

What if your device could phone home? Well now it can. With our patent-pending GadgetTrak™ system, you simply register your device and install our agent files in the root of your device. If your device is stolen you log into our interface and flag it as lost or stolen. The next time the device is accessed it will attempt to contact us and provide critical forensic data regarding the system it is plugged into. (GadgetTrak)

GadgetTrack provide this as a free service within the US and Canada, and it is intended to help law enforcement officials track down your stolen goods. The service can retrieve sensitive information about the owner of the PC it is plugged into in order to assist recovery of stolen property, including:

  • Public IP Address
  • Location (Country, City, State & Zip)*
  • Username
  • Computer Name
  • Host name of ISP
  • Internal network IP address

This information is sent to the owner of the device by email to help them recover the device…

GadgetTrak also provide a premium service offering increased location accuracy, active connection analysis and reports, firewall workarounds, custom agent feature selector, GadgetTrak™ labels/stickers to be put on your device to assist recovery and more.

What a great idea! If only stolen mobile phones could be tracked and recovered by their owners so easily…

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