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So… What is Glamumous?

Glamumous is my personal blog, a voyage through the realms of stay-at-home-mum-iness! You’ll find some thrifty hints and household tips, posts about issues which concern me; the quirks of parenting and the occasional personal reflection too.

The title, Glamumous, originated with my daughter trying to sing along to to a song she heard on the radio: her little lips couldn’t quite make the word:”glamorous”! And i liked the word: to me, it means “a glamorous mum”.

I started this blog in April 2007 (so at the moment, she’s still a baby of the blogosphere!), and I post at least daily, more often when I have more to talk about to you readers!


My posts are all categorised using Blogger “labels” so you can easily search through the archives for something of interest. You’ll find links to all categories in the right sidebar in the “label cloud”; the weight of the font gives you an idea of how many posts fall into each category (ie: the bigger the words, the more posts associated with this label).

Here’s a description of the categories I use:

  • Blogging: General posts about blogging/other bloggers
  • Custom Blogger: Tutorials and explanations of the customisations I’ve made to my blog.
  • Freebies: Free stuff and offers you may find useful!
  • Glamumous: Glamour, style, fashion… All things glamumous really!
  • Health: Being and staying healthy.
  • House and Home: Housework, clutter, tips and tricks.
  • Issues: The things that bother me. Things mums like (or need) to discuss…
  • Just for fun: Occasionally I come across a little gem I love to share. You’ll find them here.
  • Keeping him happy: Come on ladies, we all know our husbands need molly-coddling!
  • Kids: They’re great, aren’t they?
  • Love life: I’m a mum for sure, but also a wife and a woman too! This section’s about love and grown up things.
  • Me time: All about Amanda (that’s me!)
  • Observations: Things I see and think about. Things that hold my interest.
  • Tasty Treats: Recipes, food and culinary delights!


Here’s the answers to a few questions you may have about my site. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to comment or send me an email!

Do you take all your own photos?

Umm, no. Unfortunately I’m no whizz with the camera. Though I am learning! Some of the photos here were taken by me, though the better ones are copyright-free images sourced from Flickr and Stock Exchange. Hopefully when I get a better camera and learn the basics of good photography, I’ll be able to post only photos taken by me!

Who designed the layout?

The layout is based on an original Blogger theme called Rounders4. However, I’ve made some vast customisations to the layout, including the addition of a second sidebar to the left of the main column, a custom header, custom domain, label cloud, etc… You can read all about this in the custom blogger section.

I designed the header, the “about the site” and email logos using a combination of Photoshop and Publisher. Graphic ads are all created by their relevant owners!

Why are there ads on the site?

Why not? I put a lot of effort into maintaining this blog, and the ads help me to get something back towards my domain costs. I’m trying to target the ads to my readers so you only see the type of ads you’re interested in; eventually it will be a mutually beneficial system.

Why do you use Blogger?

For me, Blogger was the right choice: I can have a custom domain and have my blog hosted for free (no need to worry too much about web space/bandwidth!); the new software is extremely customisable, and very easy to alter fonts, colour schemes and the like. Which works great for me.

In the past I’ve blogged extensively with WordPress, which is undoubtedly a great blogging software. In order to use the full functionality though, I needed to buy my own hosting, and the templates aren’t quite as easy to customise in my opinion. Blogger works for me. In the future, I may change, but for now it’s great.

About the author

You probably know me from my posts as Amanda. I’m a twenty-something married mum of a ten year old boy and a toddling girl, who has weekend visits from her adorable twin stepchildren. I’m a SAHM (stay at home mum), and you’ll find me online whenever I have free time!

I wasn’t always a SAHM though. Until hubby and I were married, I was always busy doing something. For me, college and university came a few years later than everyone else: I studied while working part time and bringing my son up alone. Never a dull moment! For some time I ran my own business, and studied web-design in my own time (which is something of a by-line these days). In some ways it’s a relief to be a housewife, but I always need to have some project or other on the go!

My familyHubby dearest is the hunter-gatherer of our family. He runs a mobile phone shop close to our home and is always on the lookout for new ventures!We’ve been together for over five years now, and married for three of those. He’s my first and only husband and the love of my life!

My son is currently ten, and he’s such a great kid! He loves raptors and is positively obsessed with computer games! My toddling daughter is two going on twelve! A little princess with a love of Disney, her favorite words are “what!” and “Daddy”.

The twins are both seven: a boy and a girl each with their own unique character. They come to stay with us each weekend from Friday to Sunday; all together my kids make such a great team!

We live in Sheffield, which is one of the largest cities in the north of England. I’ve lived here all my life, as do most of my family, and despite the city’s downfalls, it will always be home. Our house is a two bed terraced in the suburbs which we rent from the local council and will eventually buy when the renovations are complete. After moving from a cramped two-bed flat last year, I think we’re all convinced that that was the last move we’ll make for a great many years to come! And since our bedroom is so big, we’ll be able to make another room for the girls to share, if the council don’t get there first!

Lucky me though, we also have a second home abroad! My husband is originally from Tunisia (though he lives here with us full-time!), so we built a house near his family in a town called Jemmal in Tunisia. We visit several times a year, and it’s great to have a home in such a warm and pleasant place!

Now I’ve found that I can also blog whilst on holiday using my mobile phone, which is great! So there’s never be a dull day here at Glamumous!

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