Mommy Bloggers are taking over the world…

In Blogging on May 16, 2007 at 10:15 am

Though I’ve blogged extensively for over two years now, I’m a relative savvy to the mommy blogger community! It was actually only a few weeks ago that i read my first “Mommy Blog” and thought: hey, this is what I really want to do. I certainly didn’t realise how big this community was…

There are some really great mommy blogs out there, and quite a few which I now read everyday. Check out my blogroll on the right for some of my favorites. You can find loads of quality mommy blogs at BlogHer.com, and also on the excellent TheMomBlogs.com.

Then there is the site I found today…

Guy Kawasaki’s blog, How to Change the World, was certainly not a blog where I would have expected to find a comprehensive list of great Mommy Blogs to peruse. I’ve certainly come across his blog before while working on my other site. But thankfully he’s addressed the issue of men blogging about the world of women:

There is a contingent of readers of my blog who do not like when I write about blogs/blogging/bloggers. I’d guess there’s also a contingent who do not like when I write about non-business, non-tech, non-male subjects. To these readers, I say in advance: “You can never support a mom, much less a mommy blogger, too much, so deal with it.”

Great words, Guy! Thanks for supporting the mums of the blogging world!

You can read his full list of Mommy Blogs on this post. I’m off to check out some more…


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