Cell phone envy…

In kids, me time on May 18, 2007 at 4:45 pm

I know. I’m a grown up. I shouldn’t be jealous of my husbands new, super-duper, fabulous computer-with-camera-and-video-and-mp3-and-all-the-trimmings that he calls a phone.

But I am. I want one too!

The problem is that these things cost so much, and my current contract doesn’t run out for a good few months yet. So I’m stuck, waiting and wanting one so bad! The things I could do with a device like that… I could finally learn to take great photos; make a video diary of the kids; blog better by phone; check my email while on the school run…

Times like this, I wish I could be reckless again!

To make matters worse, the kids have all asked for mobile phones for their birthdays. Of course, they can’t have something as advanced and grown up as hubby’s N95, but still… Are they still too young to have that sort of responsibility?

Their argument is this: “everyone else at school has got one!”. I’m sure most mums have heard this story before, as we did to our own parents when we were little. My son will be eleven in July, and the twins will be eight in August. I think they’re all too young to be responsible for a mobile phone, and no doubt hubby and I will suffer endless requests for pre-pay top-ups. Unfortunately hubby thinks otherwise.

Should I try to change his mind?

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