Are you too old to hear this? Try the “Silent Ringtone”

In GSM on June 19, 2007 at 8:53 am

I heard about this on the radio today: a “silent ringtone” which apparantly only the under 30’s can hear. It’s supposed to sound like a very high pitched phone ringing noise (personally, I can’t hear the phone ringing, but I can hear an awful high pitched noise!).

This “ringtone” is used as a deterrent to unwanted youth presence in places such as car parks and shopping centres in the UK.

You can download and listen to it for free here:

Download the “Silent Ringtone” (MP3 Format)

I’m told this may be a good ringtone for those in school who don’t want their teachers to know they have a phone in class! Let me know what (if anything) you can hear.

  1. ahhhhk.. i hear it. it’s irritating! funny they’d want to keep the under 30 crowd out of the malls; they’re the ones who buy everything!

  2. i hear it. is it safe or damaging to our hearing? its irritating.

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