Earn money from your blog with Text-Link-Ads

In making money online on November 10, 2007 at 11:12 pm

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I have just signed up with
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: an advertising scheme which is surprisingly simple to use. With TLA, you can create available spaces in your blog to sell as advertising space. TLA handle the advertisements for you, and to begin earning money you only need to add a new feed to your blog’s layout.

Simple, yes?

For me, this is certainly much easier than fiddling with AdSense codes, and I won’t have wasted the advertising space with ads that dopn’t earn me any revenue: as soon as an advertiser purchases space in my blog, the payment will be sent to my account. And I don;t have to wait for months on end to receive payment either, since the minumum transfer is only $25!

As for how well this will work for me (or how much money I could earn from this program), only time will tell.

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