The Urban Kunoichi

This is me. Or to be fair, the little part of me I am willing to share here. For the few who have seen this symbol on me, you will know who I am and what it means… It is a Japanese Kanji symbol meaning “Oni”. You can read about the meaning of this here. It is also the title of a book by Marc Olden, a name he attributes to a dangerous ninja… I am not what you would call a “stereotypical” ninja. I prefer the more passive side of ninjutsu: espionage, information gathering, knowledge infiltration… You can read more about my personal interpretation of “kunoichi” in the Ninjutsu category. 

You can now also visit me on MySpace here:
The Urban Kunoichi MySpace page

About the site

I created this blog for anyone interested in the workings of the “urban ninja”, for the global Kunoichi community, and for anyone concerned about their privacy.  

Housed within my blog, you will find information, articles and sources which I have found useful within this framework. I hope they are of use to you too. Espionage, security, privacy and mind games… It’s all good fun (and always perfectly legal!)

  1. Surley any ninja would need at least “back up” fighting ability, consider that i’ve entered special forces training (part time) as well as practising the metal aspects of the art. Hopfully by 22 (4years more training) I could be considered adept…

  2. I am an instructor of the Bujinkan Dojo. All Ninja including the Kunoichi learned the same fighting arts as the male counterparts. Unless you were outside the family and was one of those kunoichi that were not really ninja. They were used by the ninja but were no actually ninja. Also you do not get part time Special Forces Training in the military. Metal aspects of the art? Do you mean gotonpo or are you refering to the use of edged weapons?

    I dislike Posers.

  3. how can i format my nokia 1110

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