After enjoying online riddles such as Zest and Dracula’s Riddle, I have decided to develop my own: The Memory Palace.


In this narrative riddle, you will try to regain your memory and find the truth of what really happened in the house. The clues are always there: it is up to you to find them…

It is intended to be one of the spookiest riddles online. As you progress through the riddles, you will discover more about the mystery surrounding the mysterious place. Those who manage to solve the riddles past various stages will be entered into the Hall of Fame. For help and hints, visit the Riddle Forum.

To enter The Memory Palace, simply click on the picture at the top of this page.

Good luck!

  1. Found your memory palace riddle a couple of days ago. Am hooked. Love the theme, graphics and the way it has been done. Really mind boggling at times.

  2. Reached 71. A few headaches and some cursing but loved every minute of it. Don’t know what to do with myself now lol. level 68 was fun. 69 well lets just say it was good to have friends.

  3. Level 15 password please. Username also if needed. Thanks much

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